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Reasons Why You Should Get A General Contractor’s License

Getting a contractor’s license is a great way to start expanding your business. Getting a license opens up a door of opportunities for you because you can bid for big jobs and actually have a chance of getting them.

To get a license, you will have to sit for a contractor’s exam and pass. In some states, you will have to get experience working under a licensed contractor even after you pass your exam so you can be licensed. A great deal of contractors today operate without licenses because of the cumbersome process of getting a license. Working without a license may be fine if you are a small-time handyman but it stops you from growing and it could lead you into a lot of trouble with the law. Getting a license is not easy but nothing ever worth getting comes easy and you need to look at the bigger picture. Discussed in this article are the advantages of getting a general contractors license.

Firstly, having a license is a law. To practice any type of job in any state legally, you have to apply for a license. It is important to note that you will be limited when it comes to the kind of jobs you can take on if you choose to work without a license. Ensure that you read the licensing law in your state so as not to get into trouble should you choose to go without a license. Repercussions for taking on certain projects without a license differ in each state but are serious nonetheless and are not worth the trouble.

You should also try and get a general contractors license for education purposes. To get a license in most states, you have to be proficient in construction, law and business which is important because you can use the knowledge you get in law and business to effectively run your business in future.

You also benefit by getting an increased customer base if you have a license. A lot of clients today will take your having a license as proof of being proficient in your field and hence the increase in customers once you decide to get a license. If you have a license, you are insured and this is important because construction is often dangerous and hence the reason why customers will always want to work with somebody with an insurance cover as it indemnifies them from all liability in case of an accident. Many people today have contractor licenses thereby proving that getting one is not impossible. There are a lot of bodies that train contractors in preparation for their license exams.

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