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What Your Auto Insurer Knows About You

When you get into an accident with your vehicle, and you had insured it with an insurance company you will be paid for the damage that will occur to you. The type of policy that you take for your car will determine if an insurance company will pay you. An insurance company can cover many losses including theft and even natural disasters. The points discussed below tell what the insurer will be able to know about you.

The first thing that your insurer knows about you is your driving record. The insurance company will do a dig on the places that you have visited and come up with the record of all the places that you have had a driving license telling them how you have been driving and where. They will also be able to know the driving record list tickets for violation of the driving rules such as speeding, impaired driving, disobeying stop signs as well as the lights and even driving unsafe or improper movements. All the crashes that you have caused in the past will be known by the insurance company.

The second thing that the insurance company will be able to know about you is the status of the license that you have. Whether your driving license is valid or not your insurer will be able to know. The record will also be able to tell if your driving license has ever been revoked or suspended together with the reason that caused your license to be suspended. The insurer will also be in a position to know if you have been paying your child support or not.

The insurer will also know the claim history that you have had in the past. When you have a comprehensive cover your vehicle will be covered for all the damages that may occur to it including a crack of the windshield from flying rock. When your report shows a lot of past claims will tend to scare away auto insurance companies that would ensure your car for damages. The insurance company may refuse to cover your vehicle if you have many claims in the past.

Your credit history will be known by the insurance company when you choose to take an insurance cover for your vehicle. They will be in a position to tell how you have been handling credits which will help them to know if you will be able to pay the premium amount that you have signed a contract to be paying. If at any instance you have ever failed to pay your credits it will reduce your score for an insurance cover with a certain insurance company. The discussed points above tell the things that an insurer knows about you when you take an insurance cover for your vehicle.